Freyrom was established in Romania in 1996, as a subsidiary of the Freyssinet International & Cie group. This status provided the company with direct technology transfer and thus, enabled it to apply from the very beginning, in all the projects it became involved, the world's latest enginnering solutions and technologies.

Since the company possessed a strong technical and material support, as well as a group of specialists highly qualified and trained in both Romania and France, Freyrom presented itself as general contractor from the very beginning and took part, in association with FREYSSINET International & Cie, in projects regarding construction, reinforcement and repairs of road infrastructure such as bridges, overpasses, viaducts, tunnels, earthworks etc.

Out of the projects undertaken by the company between 1998 and 2001, we should mention: the bridge over NR73 at Pişcani, the rehabilitation of overpass on NR22, km 183+780, at Cataloi, the reinforcement of road viaducts on Motorway 2, Borcea and Cernavodă gateways, the bridge on NR 76, km 117+120, over the Crişul Pietros river at Drăgăneşti, for which FREYROM was awarded the ARACO Quality Trofee in 2000, and, last but not least, the overpass on NR1, km 140+764 at Predeal.

At the beginning of the years 2000, the association FREYROM - FREYSSINET International & Cie signed with the National Road Administration a large contract consisting of capital repair works on 14 bridges, amongst which there were the NR 72 Gemenea, the NR 64 Marcea, the NR 67 Tomşani, the NR 24C Cârniceni, the NR 15B Timişeşti, the NR7 Ilia, the NR67D Bârseşti and the NR15 Zăneşti. This contract extended over a longer period of time and provided us with a solid background in all the aspects entailed by the activity perfomed as general contractor.

In 2002, our innovative technology was once again underlined when constructing the superstructure of the main bridge over the Danube-Black Sea Canal, namely connecting the stay cables to a Nielsen multiple arch, a type of structure that was then used for the first time in our country.

Beside the objectives towards which the company was committed as general contractor, FREYROM also became specialized in several domains such as:

  • Enhancement of the maximum charge in art and civil engineering structures, by using modern C-range post-tensioning system technologies;
  • Production and assembly of elastomeric and TETRON mechanical bearings;
  • Production and assembly of the FREYSSINET expansion joints;
  • Special repairs of concrete through shotcrete technology;
  • Cast of hydroisolating membranes;
  • TFC reinforcement technology;
  • Cast of anticorrosive protection for metal structures.

Our most recent works include: assembly of expansion joints on Motorway 3, assembly of stay cables for overpass on NR1 at Bărcăneşti, post-tensioning of beams for Suceava Bypass, post-tensioning of slabs for the parking of National Arena Stadium in Bucharest, for the Adora Mall in Craiova and for the City Tower building and Capital Fort Business Center in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Freyrom's intention for the near future is to explore further more the civil construction market, as well as that of historical monuments rehabilitation.