Connectors react according to the speed of movement involved and act as safety belts: in the event of rapid movements they are blocked and create a rigid connection between the structure and its supports.

The TRANSPEC S is mechanical connector, consisting of an anchor block through which runs a steel bar which becomes blocked in the case of an earthquake, thus blocking also the structure.

The TRANSPEC SHT is a hydraulic connector, comprising a cylinder filled with a special fluid in which a rod with a moving piston separates two internal chambers. The chambers only communicate through a valve. In the event of rapid movement, the valve is blocked, thus preventing any flow of fluid and therefore any relative movement of the structures to which the connector is fixed.


  • transfer of high-intensity loads;
  • movements limited to the deformation of structure in the event of an earthquake;
  • distribution of the horizontal seismic forces;
  • simplification of equipment (structural bearings and expansion joints);

Dampers are energy absorption devices which are able to limit both the movements and the loads to which the structures are subjected during an earthquake.

The TRANSPEC SHA is hydraulic damper that uses a viscous oil whose characteristics are constant under temperature variations and with time. Is is almost identical to the TRANSPEC SHT, the difference being that it has a patented oil flow servo-system mechanism which allows it to optimize the amount of energy absorbed depending on the movement.