1. Shotcrete
  2. Carbon Fibre Fabric (TFC)
  3. Other

The ageing of structures, often accelerated in the case of civil engineering works by increases in traffic load and volume, generates a growing need for refurbishment exacerbated by the increasing stringency of regulatory requirements.

Our services comprise:

  • concrete repairs and protection
    • treatment of cracks
    • concrete re-profiling
    • sealants and waterproof coatings
  • protection of reinforcing steel
    • cathodic protection with galvanic anode
    • cathodic protection with impressed current
    • electro-chemical treatment of concrete
    • surface treatments using corrosion inhibitors and protective coatings
  • strenghtening works
    • additional prestressing
    • shotcrete
    • carbon fiber bonded composite

In Romania we have extended experience in bridge repairs as general contractor, using Freyssinet technologies. For more details please check the references section on our website.

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