The shotcrete technique consists of placing concrete by spraying a wet or dry mix of materials through a hose using compressed air.


  • flexible and fast operation;
  • perfect bond on the prepared support;
  • optimum concrete compaction for better durability;
  • low shrinkage of placed concrete;
  • reduced price;
  • reduced time of execution.

Shotcrete is used mainly for repairing and strengthening structures:

  • buildings and car parks;
  • bridges, viaducts, tunnels;
  • dams, wharfs, quays;
  • reservoirs, water towers, sewers, pipes;
  • silos, tanks and pools.

Our Romanian workers specialized in shotcrete contributed to the repair of the Channel Tunnel between England and France, after it burned in 2009.

In Romania the strength of shotcrete usually reaches 45 MPa.